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Benefit of hosting team building exercise at Escape Room

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Escape Room delivers fun yet impactful team building activities, which include team development, corporate value inculcation and team leadership. We have ample of spaces at our premises for hosting large team building event. We can also help you source catering services if food and beverages are needed during the event. Each room could accompany for 6 persons or so depending on the size of the room. We also have one of the largest rooms selection in the industry and a large variety of genres. Our theme rooms are created based on these four core elements below. Our activities are designed to encourage team bonding, team cohesiveness, team collaboration, team performance and team development. 



Your employees will have the opportunity to experience and practice your culture during their team building session at Escape Room.
Through activities and events, your associates will experience the values of your company and also have the chance to use

these values during the team building program. By using these values with their coworkers,
your employees will begin to understand your culture and values and
why they are important for success.


Commitment to your company and your corporate goals can also improve with team building at Escape Room.
When everyone attends a company team building event, company bonding occurs and this commitment
strengthens your company. Team building results in everyone pulling in the same direction.

By actually experiencing this feeling through team building activities, your team understands what can
be accomplished when everyone pulls together for a common goal.


Team building can significantly improve communications among the people in your company.
A properly designed and delivered team-building activity at Escape Room will improve the way your people interact in your organization.

Skills and techniques are practiced and improved through team building activities and your associates will
discover the importance of communication among their colleagues and will improve almost immediately.


You will notice increased collaboration among your departments after an effective team-building session at Escape Room. Barriers to working together will be reduced and obstacles to cooperation will be eliminated.

Working together in team-building activities helps your departments to understand what each individual needs from the other members of your company. Actually practicing collaboration techniques in your team building session also provides ample
opportunities to learn how to work together to accomplish a goal.